Our fellowship programs have now been running for over 20 years, with great success. We’ve had both national and international fellows, with the latter coming from the USA, Canada, Britain, Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and other countries. There are three fellowships available within our group:

Dr Greg Janes, Dr Greg Witherow and Dr Travis Falconer

February 2026 to July 2026
August 2026 to January 2027

Dr Peter Annear and Dr Jens Buelow

February 2026 to July 2026
August 2026 to January 2027

Chief Supervisor: Dr Ross Radic
Co Supervisors: Dr Antony Liddell and Dr Sam Young

February 2026 to July 2026
August 2026 – January 2027

   These are sub-specialist training posts

They’re open to qualified orthopaedic surgeons wishing to extend their expertise in shoulder, knee or hand and upper limb surgery. They are open to all applicants, both overseas and local.

Applicants are chosen both on their merits, and on their ambition to pursue practice in these sub-specialist areas. Because of the highly specific nature of this clinic, we don’t believe our fellowship programs are suitable for orthopaedic surgeons wanting to practice general orthopaedics with just an interest in these areas. Rather, we consider these as sub-specialist training posts for surgeons wishing to work in these areas for the longer term.

  Our fellowships are 6 months long

They begin on February 1 or August 1 each year. During your fellowship, you’ll be exposed to supervised consulting with patients, (both pre- and post-surgical). You’ll also be exposed to a variety of surgical experiences, including both assisting, and supervised operating. In our clinic, there are no opportunities for consulting or operating without supervision. So you won’t be required to write prescriptions or investigation forms etc.

  How it works

As a fellow, you’ll be required to work with your fellowship supervisor(s) for the majority of your time. Some of your time will be allocated for research. Both clinical and/or primary research can be carried out, with the aim of publishing and adding to the world literature. This can be an opportunity to provide peer review for the specialists in the clinic.


The programs are generally booked up about 2 years ahead, and we don’t confirm any application for fellowship further out than that. It’s important to realise that this opportunity is for a limited period of time, and that it’s very difficult for a surgeon from overseas to become an Australian resident, or to get a visa to work here. All applicants are therefore approved for training for that period of time, on the expectation that they’ll return to their country of origin, once their fellowship is completed.

How to apply

Please email us with a current CV, your current level of training, three written references from recent colleagues, and the time frame you would be interested in.


Medical registration

To enable conditional registration with the Australian Medical Board, you may wish to refer to their website for requirements..

  Download Limited Registration for Postgraduate Training or Supervised Practice Registration Standard PDF

Occupational trainee visa

To enable entry into Australia you will require an occupational trainee visa. Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre will provide a nomination letter to the Immigration Department and you will need to apply to your nearest Australian Consulate. For more information refer to their website.  

  Apply for a training visa (subclass 407)

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